Special Events


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From Business meetings to business dinner functions you want your presenters and entertainers to be seen and heard. We have many different options for events big or small and the experienced technicians on site to handle it all for you.

Back Drop - We have different varieties of backdrops to choose from when making your podium the center of attention for the evening. We can accentuate our backdrops with LED lighting and trussing ideas as well.

Pipe and Drape -  Our  Pipe and drape kit comes with everything to create a wall of drape  and are perfect for corporate backdrops, school functions, trade shows and so much more. Drape kits are a must for your  event and is high quality.

Lighting -   Our lights will make your event look incredible.  Our backdrop lighting solutions include an LED lighting system. LED lights are a perfect choice since they allow you to choose any color of the rainbow with a touch of a button.

Sound - From small business meetings to full productions, you want your presenters and performers to be heard. We have options that can handle everything from speaking presentations to full bands. Our experienced sound technicians can help you determine what you need for your event.  We also have a complete range of cordless microphones and lapel  microphones.

Video Production - Small or large events, our video production team can provide what you need. We have projectors, screens and the equipment to get your movies, power points, or live video feeds up on the big screen.